Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Responsive. Customer-focused. Knowledgeable.

ACT is dedicated to our customers and we prove this in our fabrication process.

Certified and Trained

In our weld production, each welder is certified and trained on both the NAP computerized weld machine and the Cyprus welders.

All welds are stamped as required by NFPA regulations. Every weld is then tested with dye penetration to detect any pinholes and leaks.

Passing All Quality Control Requirements

Once the leak check test is completed our quality control department then begins checking for pipe length, groove tolerance, outlet position, color codes and a welder stamp.

After passing all quality control requirements, we bundle the pipe by line and proceed with a final high pressure air “blowout” of each piece to clear any remaining debris from the pipe.

Quick and Safe

ACT will help you unload your pipe quickly and safely using special trucks with forklifts like the “Spider”.

From the manufacturing and quality control of your fabricated system to product delivery on your site, ACT goes the extra mile to provide you with the products and service you deserve.

You can trust the products that ACT provides.

ACT is committed to your satisfaction and the quality of the sprinkler systems we sell.

On the Thread Side

On the thread side, our quality control team tests the threaded pipe with a ring gauge and thread depth gauge. Next, ACT inspects the pipe for straightness.

The threaded team then coats the threads in permabond and make-on the fittings.

Finally, we bundle the pipe by lines to reduce field time for our customers. No sorting is needed on your part.

In fact, we:

  • Blow each piece of pipe with high-pressure air to clear debris

  • Leak test every weld to detect and repair pinhole leaks

  • Test for thread depth and pipe straightness

  • Test tolerance of grooves

Stacks of waterworks pipes


Inspector looking at fire sprinkler pipes

Fire Protection

Welding and fabrication